2.1. Preparation

(warning) Attention
If you have installed an older version of R2EdiViewer:
  • Make a backup of all files from the program directory which you have changed/expanded,
    because all files will be overwritten from the installation program, among others:
    - R2EdiViewer.lic 
    - R2EdiViewerGT.cfg
    - R2EdiViewerSD.zip
    - R2EdiViewerSH.cfg
    - R2EdiViewerSH.css
    - R2EdiViewer.ini

    Files in the "private"- and user directory but also itself created layout directories
    remain unchanged by uninstall and reinstallation.

  • Use the Software upgrade manager for upgrade automatically
    (or if you prefer manual upgrade start R2EdiViewerUninstall.exe
    to uninstall R2EdiViewer and start Setup...exe to reinstall new version of R2EdiViewer).

R2EdiViewer needs Java 7 or Java 8.

R2EdiViewer will use the current installed JRE (Java Runtime Environment), but
if there is a more recent JDK version (Java Development Kit) on the computer, it will be used.


2.2. Setup

By starting Setup...exe R2EdiViewer is installed in the desired directory.

The following files are installed:



Main program,
include detection of the current JRE/JDK.


Useful for error search:
Main program, but with additional console window.


Useful for batch mode:
Main program R2EdiViewer.jar starts with standard JRE,
and the error level can be queried.


Useful for batch mode: Main program 


Syntax directories

7.50(green star)


Config file for syntax-highlighting


(green star)
R2EdiViewerGT.cfgConfig file to display the tree with the Goto command7.50(green star)
R2EdiViewerSH.cssCascading style sheets for formatting syntax-highlighting 7.16(blue star)


Storage of program settings



Freeware licence certificate

(blue star)
R2EdiViewerWL.css Cascading style sheets for formatting the log file


Documentation German


Documentation English


Terms of licence


Example of an EDI file


Excelsior-Installer: deinstallation program


Excelsior-Installer: installation protocol


Directory with external JAR files


Directory with default delivered layout templates

[layoutsEdifileChecker]Directory with EDI file checker layout template

[private]Directory for customer customizations (is never deleted)

  R2EdiViewerSD.zipEmpty syntax directories for customer adjustments7.12(green star)

After the installation, R2EdiViewer starts automatically and the EDI sample file is displayed.


2.2.1. Customer customizations: Customer adjustments can be made via customizing in the :

-  user directory
"private" directory

Directories are
searched as follows :

SOSearch order
(green star)The file is searched in the directories: user and "private" and program
All found files will be used in the directory order.
Subsequent search strategy of an entry: The first match terminates the search.  
(blue star)

The file is searched in the directories: user or "private" or program.
Only the first found file is used.

(star)The file is searched in the directories: user or "private".
Only the first found file is used. Customer layout directories are:

- never deleted by an installation / upgrade
- first search in the user directory and then in the program directory